Lemon Orchard

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The Lemon Orchard

1- The story is called the lemon orchard because of where it is settled. It takes place on an area of land where lemons are grown. The whole story is settled in this place.

2- I think that the story might have been written to expose racism and to show the horrors black people were exposed to only because of the fact that white people thought themselves to be better. The story creates an impact in the reader, the whole story is against racism and the author also made use of nature so as to fight against discrimination and violence.

3- The author makes use of a lot of imagery so as to place the reader in the story, creating a better impact. “The moon was hidden” , we can visualize the darkness of the surroundings. It also makes us think about the position of nature, of the moon, as regards discrimination. The moon could be hidden either because she didn’t want to take part in the murder that was about to happen, as if she were turning her head to the other side Or the moon hid so as to help them, because it is easier to hide in the dark.

4- The impact of both introduction and ending  is that the diction used in both of them makes use of nature elements. The diction alludes to words used for theaters or spectacles, as if nature were creating a special place for the event.

5- The use of language in the ending emphasizes the crime that is being committed. The story isn’t clear about it, wether nature is in favor or against it, leaving an open ending and making the reader wander and reflect on this. There is a “fragrant growth”, a pleasant feeling, there is a “quivering shine”, which shakes and trembles. They create an atmosphere of hope and the feeling that something good will happen.

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