The Yellow Wallpaper Virtual Period

In literature we have been reading and analysing “The Yellow Wallpaper” written by Charlotte Perkins. For our virtual period our teacher Pat Chujman told us to compare it with extracts from another story, “The Mark on the Wall” by Virginia Wolf.

1- Both of these texts have female main characters. The main object of observation in both stories is the torn wallpaper, at such point that these women become obsessed with it. It turns into a distraction, they live upon such hard standards and oppression that the only way to escape from their situation is by staring at the imperfections in the wall. They both feel irritated by this imperfection but then they start getting involved with it, thinking deeply about those imperfections.

2- The woman believes the wallpaper is somehow where a woman is trapped, “If that mark was made by a nail, it can’t have been for a picture, it must have been for a miniature—the miniature of a lady with white powdered curls, powder-dusted cheeks, and lips like red carnations.”,  the woman is trying to escape from it as she has broken with her “nails” the wallpaper.

3- The woman has different random thoughts, she is confused about everything. She is confused about her position in society, about the wallpaper, about her condition. She even talks about  lack of control in irrelevant subjects such as  possessions and material stuff “… how very little control of our possessions we have…”.


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