For our language class we have been given the task of getting in groups and creating posters in connection with linkers. In the following post I will show the posters we have done, a brief exercise related to connectors and a word cloud with all the linking words we have learnt.

Here is the exercise on connectors. I have created the sentences and you have to complete the blank spaces:

  • I forgot to close my backpack.  ______ my keys, books and notes have fallen along the way home.
  • Mary was feeling sad and blue, ___ she decided to go to her best friend´s tea party.
  • ______ my dad arrives I will ask him if he can give me a ride to Nina´s birthday.
  • I had a bad day. My wallet got lost______ my ID and credit cards.
  • ________ the rainy day, we went to the park for a picnic. It was fun!
  • I have a lot to tell you. _______ I am moving to L.A.
  • ________ I win this competition, my mom will take me to London.
  • I walked my way home ______ spend money on a cab.
  • I have completed all my tasks _____ the presentation for biology.
  • Tom was not going to come, ____ he was feeling bad __ he made other plans.

I also created a word cloud with all the connectors we have learnt. Here is my work.

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2 respuestas a Connectors

  1. Lucila Giambruni dijo:

    1. so
    2. therefore
    3. as soon as
    4. along with
    5. despite of
    6. in other words
    7. if
    8. in order not to
    9. except for
    10. since … and

  2. Pat dijo:

    Great post Agos!!

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