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La mujer, el sexo debil.

¿Por qué será que todavía siguen existiendo estas ideologías en las cuales a la mujer se la desestima y describe como el sexo mas débil? Hace ya varios años que coexistimos con una sociedad machista, en donde se normalizan las … Sigue leyendo

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The French Revolution

Our History teacher, Lenny Ambrosini asked us to create a timeline stating the most important dates and thing which happened in France, related to the French Revolution. Here is my Timeline on French Revolution

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Soldier, Rest

For our literature class, our teacher Cecilia Lasa asked us to get in groups and analyze a certain given poem. I worked with Lucia Roggero and Delfina Nicora. The poem we were assigned was ¨Soldier, Rest¨ by Sir. Walter Scott. This is our PRESENTATION. … Sigue leyendo

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Endocrine System

In our biology class we have been studying the endocrine system. We had to prepare an activity in our blogs. I worked with Epi Nicora. Define HORMONE: a chemical substance produced by a gland, carried by the blood, which alters the … Sigue leyendo

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Payada en la Pulpería entre Fierro y el Moreno

En nuestras clases de Literatura estuvimos estudiando el Martin Fierro. Nuestra profesora Camila Aliberti nos dio la consigna de preparar un guion basado en alguno de los episodios del Martin Fierro y luego filmarlo. Yo trabaje en grupo con Luli Giambruni, Tomas Borda, Agustin Segura, Pancho … Sigue leyendo

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Nervous System

In biology we started learning about the nervous system and how it works. Our teacher Male Ravagnan gave us some activities to do in her blog. Nervous System. Lesson introduction; 2 – Your control centre, the key parts; 3 – … Sigue leyendo

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A peek into discrimination: The KKK.

In our language class we have been learning about segregation and racism. Our teacher Daniela Barra gave us the task of getting in groups and choosing a subject related to these topics and make a presentation about it. We chose to speak … Sigue leyendo

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French Revolution: Henri Grégoire

For our history class we had to prepare a fakebook about an important character who played an important role during the French Revolution. I worked with Nico Monguzzi and we prepared a presentation about Henri Grégoire. Here is the Fakebook we created.

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Pupil Reflex

Our biology  teacher Male Ravagnan told us to get in pairs and work in our blogs. The topic is about the eye, specifically the pupil reflex. I worked with Delfi Nicora. We found a video which explains this process.  

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Poem: Rooms

For our Literature Virtual Period our teacher Pato Chujman gave us a task on a poem by Charlotte Mew, ¨Rooms¨. 1- Why is it said that the life of the writer was a tragedy? After reading Charlotte’s biography my answer would be that … Sigue leyendo

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Excretion and Kidneys

In biology we are preparing for the IGCSE. Our teacher Male Ravagnan gave us some activities on her blog about Excretion and Kidneys, and we worked with them during the lesson. Excretion as removal from organisms of the waste products of metabolism (chemical … Sigue leyendo

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